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Take Back Anza is a citizens coalition numbering several thousand supporters in the Anza, Sage and Aguanga areas of the 3rd. Supervisorial District in Riverside County, Californiaia. We also count many, many supporters from the other four County districts. They too are feeling the impact of illegal marijuana activities and the lowering of the water table

Since 2016 our area has felt the ever increasing impact of illegal commercial marijuana operations. With this increase has come the nuisances of odor, noise, vicious dogs and most importantly the use of our valuable water resource. This is not about the plant. It is about the collateral damage cause by illegal marijuana cutlivation.

Secondary effects of illegal cultivation are many including the use of banned pest and rodenticides, water quality and water quantity issues, sanitation, illegal labor practices and criminal cartel activity. 

Take Back Anza supports Riverside County Ordinances 925 and 348 which allow a pathway for personal and medical use of marijuana as well as the opportunity for commercial operations in land use zones that are away from homes and families.

car b ack side.jpg


to personal and medical

cannabis use


to commercial cannabis and commercial hemp bio-mass

in the Anza Valley

white area.jpg
If you live in the white area on this map your water supply could be in danger from commercial hemp operations which use 300 times more water than grapevines
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