Take Back Anza

A Citizens Coalition for the

Environmental Protection of

the Anza Valley


Supervisors Hewitt and Spiegel have submitted an AD-HOC committee report to the entire BOS suggesting that the county look into modifying our current ordinance to add commercial marijuana cultivation into our Rural Residential and Rural Agricultural zoning. This means you could have a full scale marijuana farm right next door to your home and family. Legal marijuana operations have no more security than illegal ones. In fact they may have less as federal law prohibits anyone from working in a commercial marijuana operation to carry a gun. Are you willing to take the chance that a stray bullet from a marijuana robbery passes through a plastic greenhouse right into your home?


Considering the fact that there have been two illegal marijuana related murders in Anza in the last 6 months it is important that you let the BOS know that you will not stand for this assault on your quality of life.

It is important that you send an email to the Riverside County Clerk of the Board and register your opposition to any modification of our current Ordinance 348. You can send your email to cob@rivco.org 

You can also attend the BOS meeting December 10th, 2019 at 9:30 am at the county offices in Riverside to voice your opposition to this egregious violation of the public trust.

takebackanza.org is designed and funded by a group of concerned residents who want

to maintain the beauty and quality of life

in the Anza Valley.